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Race: 03 - Leeu Gamka, 15 Jun 2019 11:45 (Provisional results - Complaints deadline 17 Jun 2019 00:00)
D - Basketting data received
W - Clocking data received
Organization Type Participating organization D W All files received? Race Results Print version
Federation FBHU - Federated Board of Homing Unions (Cape Town) [ALL][FP][O][YL]
Zone 0Z1 - Boland Area [ALL][O][YL]
Zone 0Z2 - Wine Route [ALL][O][YL]
Zone 0Z3 - Central Zone [ALL][O][YL]
Zone 0Z4 - Swartland [ALL][O][YL]
Zone 0Z5 - Mitchell’s Plain [ALL][O][YL]
Zone 0Z6 - Helderberg [ALL][O][YL]
Zone 0Z7 - Southern Suburbs [ALL][O][YL]
Zone 0Z8 - Northern Suburbs [ALL][O][YL]
Union BPF - Bluedowns Pigeon Federation [ALL][O][YL]
Club BPC - Bluedowns Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club ERRPC - Eersteriver Racing Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club ORPC - Olympics Racing Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Union CFHU - Cape Flats Homing Union [ALL][O][YL]
Club CFHC - Cape Flats Homing Club [ALL][O][YL]
Union FBJU - Federated Board Junior Union
Club FBHU Juniors - Federated Board Junior Club
Union GDHU - Groot Drakenstein Homing Union [ALL][O][YL]
Club DRRPC - Dwarsrivier Racing Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club KMRPC - Kylemore Racing Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club PVFC - Pniel Village Flying Club [ALL][O][YL]
Union KDHU - Kuilsriver District Homing Union [ALL][O][YL]
Club EHS - Eersteriver Homing Society [ALL][O][YL]
Club KRPC - Kuilsriver Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club SPC - Silverwings Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Union KHPU - Kraaifontein Homing Pigeon Union [ALL][O][YL]
Club KHPS - Kraaifontein Homing Pigeon Society [ALL][O][YL]
Union MDU - Malmesbury District Union [ALL][O][YL]
Club ASFC - Abbotsdale Sportsman Flying Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club DPK - Darling posduif Klub [ALL][O][YL]
Club OMRPC - Omega Racing Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club RVWK - Riebeeck Vallei Wedvlug Klub [ALL][O][YL]
Union MPHU - Mitchells Plain Homing Union [ALL][O][YL]
Club APRC - Alpha Pigeon Racing Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club CRPC - Colorado Racing Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club FCRPC - Falcons Racing Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club PHS - Portlands Homing Society [ALL][O][YL]
Club SPRC - Specialist Pigeon Racing Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club STRFTN - Strandfontein Pigeon Racing Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club WHS - Westridge Homing Society [ALL][O][YL]
Union NSHU - Northern Suburbs Homing Union [ALL][O][YL]
Club APC - Arcadia Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club BDHS - Belhar District Homing Soceity [ALL][O][YL]
Club BSPC - Bellville South Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club DRPC - Delft Racing Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club RRPC - Ravensmead Racing Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club STARS - Stars Racing Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club UPC - Uitsig Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Union PDHU - Paarl District Homing Union [ALL][O][YL]
Club CHPK - Charleston Hill Posduif Klub [ALL][O][YL]
Club DHS - Daljosaphat Homing Society [ALL][O][YL]
Club NOHS - New Orleans Homing Society [ALL][O][YL]
Club NRPC - Newton Racing Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club POPK - Paarl Oos Posduif Klub [ALL][O][YL]
Club WRDK - Wellington Resies Duiwe Klub [ALL][O][YL]
Union PRPA - Federated Board Associates [ALL][O][YL]
Club PRPA1 - Premier Racing Pigeon Association [ALL][O][YL]
Union SDHU - Strand & District Homing Union [ALL][O][YL]
Club HPK - Helderberg Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club MHS - Macassar Homing Society [ALL][O][YL]
Club STRHC - Strand Homing Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club STRPC - Strand Pigeon Club [ALL][O][YL]
Union SHU - Stellenbosch Homing Union [ALL][O][YL]
Club RSHS - Rhodes Stellenbosch Homing Society [ALL][O][YL]
Club SFB - Stellenbosch Flying Club [ALL][O][YL]
Club SHC - Stellenbosch Homing Club [ALL][O][YL]
Union WCHU - West Coast Homing Union [ALL][O][YL]
Club ADK - Atlantis Duiwe Klub [ALL][O][YL]
Union WDHS - Wynberg District Homing Society [ALL][O][YL]
Club WDHC - Wynberg District Homing Club [ALL][O][YL]
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